Flush with progress in upper east Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky is squeezing President Biden for a new and all the more impressive weapon

a rocket framework with a scope of 190 miles, which could venture far into A russian area.

Mr. Zelensky demands from U.S. authorities that he has zero desire to strike Russian urban areas or focus on regular citizen targets.

despite the fact that President Vladimir V. Putin's powers have hit condo blocks, theaters, and medical clinics in Ukraine all through the conflict.

The weapon, Mr. Zelensky says, is basic to sending off a more extensive counteroffensive, maybe right on time one year from now.

Mr. Biden is opposing, to some degree since he is persuaded that throughout recent months.

He has effectively motioned toward Mr. Putin that he doesn't need a more extensive conflict with the Russians — he simply believes them should escape Ukraine.

A shipment of long-range directed rockets, which could likewise give Ukraine new choices for striking Crimea.

 The domain Russia added in 2014, would probably be seen by Moscow as a significant incitement, Mr. Biden has closed.

"We're attempting to keep away from Universal Conflict III," Mr. Biden frequently reminds his assistants, repeating an assertion he has made openly too.