Canelo Alvarez holds his undisputed super middleweight title through consistent ruling against Gennadiy Golovkin: 116-112, 115-113 and 115-113. Fair scores. Had it 116-112 with GGG clearing last four rounds.

Official outcome: 

They've contended 24 rounds against one another, however it's been a long time since they last confronted one another, so it was a sluggish opening round. GGG laid out the hit almost immediately while Canelo swung fiercely and associated with one sharp, reduced left snare. 10-9, Alvarez.


Alvarez scored with a right hand to the liver followed by a passed on snare to the body. He later associated with a strong overhand right. GGG has shown restraint so far - - he's forever been a sluggish starter. 10-9, Alvarez. 20-18, Alvarez.


GGG should figure out how to persevere. He's being pushed back, and Alvarez is having his direction. Canelo associated with a major left snare that constrained Golovkin to hang tight, and GGG arose with an enormous welt on the right half of his brow. 10-9, Alvarez. 30-27, Alvarez.


GGG still can't seem to truly toss a mix while Alvarez pelts him with right hands to the body and passed on snares to the head. GGG's face puffing up, specific his right cheekbone. All Alvarez through four. 10-9, Alvarez. 40-36, Alvarez.


Alvarez keeps on beating GGG's body with right hands, and grounds his greatest punch of the battle, an overhand right that collided with GGG's face late in the round. Golovkin was more forceful yet at the same time didn't verge on letting his hands go. 10-9, Canelo. 50-45, Canelo.


The primary battle was all activity; the second was a work of art. The third, part of the way through, has been everything except. GGG will not toss right hands, doubtlessly tired of Canelo's perilous counter left snare. 10-9, Alvarez. 60-54, Alvarez.


GGG is known for slow beginnings, however it's currently the final part of the battle and he's yet to get moving. At 40, he appears to just be too old to even think about hanging with truly outstanding in the game. 10-9, Alvarez. 70-63, Alvarez.


Canelo starts to get a move on with a progression of crashing shots, while GGG sticks with the hit, and not the right hand that made him a world class contender. 10-9, Alvarez. 80-62, Alvarez.


GGG at long last opens up and handles a few crashing shots after he stuck Canelo into a corner. Alvarez answered with a couple of hard lefts however GGG, finally, obviously wins a round. 10-9, Golovkin. 89-82, Alvarez.


Golovkin takes up where he left out and interfaces on a couple of sharp right uppercuts within. He kept the poke siphoning in front of Canelo to extraordinary impact. 10-9, GGG. 98-92, Canelo.


Golovkin busts Alvarez's right eye open, and it gives off an impression of being a profound slash. He controlled the activity and handled a few big cheeses for the third sequential round, yet it's likely short of what was needed. 10-9, GGG. 107-102, Alvarez.


Golovkin is the attacker while Alvarez, who seemed to blur down the stretch, hung on. GGG again goes to work with the hit, and they share a long hug at the chime, the fight apparently settled. 10-9, GGG. 116-112, Alvarez.