A College of Tampa understudy was lethally shot early Saturday morning subsequent to attempting to get into a more abnormal's vehicle following an evening of partying like a rock star.

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Tampa police said the understudy had recently brought a Uber back home when, inexplicably, he moved toward a vehicle left on his road and attempted to move inside.

He was then shot in the chest by the driver sitting inside the vehicle, who told police he had "dreaded for his life" as he didn't have the foggiest idea about the young fellow.

No additional data was accessible on any words traded between the two preceding the driver terminated.

While police have not delivered the understudy's name, nearby media source WGRZ reports that family recognized him as Carson Senfield, a school rookie.

David Lilleck, the director of Plantation Park Schools, conveyed a local area wide letter declaring the "disastrous misfortune" of Senfield, WGRZ reports.

"Given Carson's wide circles, and the way that Carson's two kin go to OPHS, the Plantation Park School Locale perceives that his passing has an extensive effect," Lilleck was cited saying. He said Saturday was Senfield's nineteenth birthday celebration.

Police said the driver, who has not been recognized, stayed at the scene after the episode and was not charged, however it will eventually depend on investigators to choose if that changes.

The occurrence has left numerous College of Tampa understudies confused by how an apparently lighthearted night out with companions could end so sadly.

"He mixed up a vehicle and it cost him his life," Andrew York, a College of Tampa rookie, told WFLA. "How might that simply happen to someone?" rookie Erika Roberti told the media source. "This should be a protected school. It's simply alarming." Emily Ollendorff, another rookie, was cited saying what is happening was "befuddling." However she added: "We clearly don't have the foggiest idea about the all relevant info about it."